COVID-19 and USPS Shipping

We are currently on track with getting your packages out within the policy timeframe of up to 5 business days, packages are being picked up daily, the slow down and delays seems to occur once it get to the USPS sorting facilities. There is not much we or you or even the post office customer service can do at this point to hurry this process along. Patience and understanding is all we have, it is needed to lessen the stress and anxiety of the times we are currently faced with.

**There may not be a delay with your order but there is no telling which ones will be delayed.**

Tracking may not show exact movement but this does not mean your packages are not on their way, we have seen packages delivered at times before the tracking system updates movements.

What can you do……communicate properly with your customers, make them aware that your supplies come in the mail and given the current circumstances you may experience a small delay, order your stock beforehand, I know we are all small businesses and that may not be feasible for some all the time but when you can, order a few extras to have on hand, post your mockups and advertise your products closer to the delivery date on USPS website once there is tracking movements, this way you are not taking orders too much in advance of receiving the transfers.

All tracking numbers are emailed. Please check spam and junk mail if you are missing a tracking number.